ASSUME OUT 19.09.19

Rita Bolland had a great success with her album «Echo» and follows up with this energic new song Assume..

Rita is more powerful than ever, now releasing her new single Assume, in a genre mix of Rock and Country, intentionally ranging Rock before Country in this case …

Please feel free to add Rita’s songs to Your favourite playlists and she will be excited to hear Your comments on her new release.

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Rita`s new song Assume is a song about giving a bit f…, and just being boss in your own life.

Rita is releasing her new single Assume 19.09.19, after being in a exploring and creative process with her two  fabulous producers Anders Sinnes and Roar Øien. Rita is very proud to present to you “Assume”.


Rita Bolland gir dere «Assume» 19.09.19.

Med nytt lydbilde, ny edge og ny energi, er Assume ikke bare et nytt pust men nærmere en storm med orkan i kastene, fra Rita Bolland.

Rita har fra før av sluppet flere singler, både på Norsk og Engelsk, og fikk svært gode tilbakemeldinger fra albumet «Echo».

Rita skriver egne tekster og melodier, og jobber tett sammen med Anders Sinnes og Roar Øien med flere nye låter.

Assume er en låt med et enkelt budskap «Before you Assume anything, how about asking me first»…

Kontakt Rita for mere informasjon om Assume og framtidsplaner:
mobil: 4100 1248

Rita Bolland – vokal
Kim Ulriksen – trommer
Kåre Andreas Lund – bass
Per Arne Dahl – perkusjon
Arild Følstad – tangenter
Gaute Kalseth-Iversen – gitarer
Anders Sinnes – gitarer/kor/produsent
Roar Øien – kor/produsent

Mikset og mastret av Anders Sinnes og Roar Øien i Tyrirot Studio


Single «Echo»2016

Rita`s first song Echo is all about that you don`t need to fit the big picture, you just need to be a great warrior. And sometimes in life you will get stuck in a time cycle off: “If I can just get a great job…or just do the laundry or…….then I`ll be happy…” Well, Rita believes that we all should fade our everyday life into an Echo and become free spirits. Be inspiring to all the others around us on an everyday basis. Love each other because of our differences, not in spite of them.

Rita is releasing her new single Echo, after a year being in a exploring and creative process with her three fabulous producers Hans Bollandsås, Roar Øien and Roger Børseth. In this group of three, there have been a great singer/song writer exploding with great ideas helping a lot in the process, the one and only Hans Bollandsås, he is also the creative producer on this song. The melody of the song is inspired by a mix of americano, country, irish folk and a little pop music. Rita is very proud to present to you “Echo”. She is also working on an album.